The Saga City Cultural Museum


Free(however fees apply for planned and special exhibitions)




Every Monday (the following day if that Monday falls on a Holiday)

The day after a national holiday (except for Saturday and Sunday)

December 29~ January 3 for organizing materials and documents

Preparation period and clean up period for the Saga Castle Town Doll Festival


40 spaces (free)

       Introducing future generations to historically invaluable buildings

that still remain in Saga City and serving as the city asset equipped

for and open to the public, five separate structures are together

known as the Saga City Cultural Museum.

      First, the Old Koga Bank preserves Taisho era western style architecture.

      Secondly,the Old Koga Residence, home of the former bank president,

is said to be in the style of a Meiji era businessman's home.

     Next is the relocated and restored The Old Ushijima Residence, which is the oldest merchant's residence in Old shimoimashuku-machi.

      Other interesting building is the Old Sansho Bank where you can feel and

remind you how the bank used to be in Meiji period.

     Also the Old Fukuda Residence shows you  a modern Japanese-style of architecture in Taisho period.

     "The Saga Hina-Doll festival" is held every mid- Februaly to March, which attract many tourists.